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A HealthWorX Implementation is fast and simple.

1a. The process starts by agreeing to and signing the following:

- HealthWorX Service Agreement
- Cafeteria Plan Document
- Third Party Carrier Application (Hospital Indemnity, Accident, and Life Insurance)

1b. The following documents need to be reviewed:

- Summary Plan Description
- Child Support Document

2. Plan census and data are provided and uploaded into HRX

- This data provides with the ability to identify and determine the number of eligible employees
- Your HealthWorX plan and any other plans such as major medical, dental, vision, etc. are also created based on this information

3. Educational material about the plan distributed to employees

- We want as much participation as possible, so we email a 'Welcome Packet' to all participants
- Participants (and Managers) also have access to our bi-lingual call center for any questions they have

4. Training dates and a start date are scheduled

- It is important that both employer and employees understand the plan as well as when and how it will be implemented
- We schedule as many training sessions as necessary with your staff ranging from Managers who will 'champion' the program to Payroll Administrators to your Accounting department

5. Transmit sample enrollment data

- Based on census data, we will auto-enroll all eligible participants
- You will then be required to review the data to assure its accuracy

6. Third party integrations

- If you are using an outside payroll vendor, we will get in contact with them so the transmission of payroll data to and from HRX goes seeemlessly
- HRX is accustomed to working with many different vendors and formats. Since our system is proprietary, and we have our own internal IT team, integrations are quick and smooth

7. Payroll test run

- Before going live, we will run a test payroll to make sure all enrolled participants have the proper deductions
- As with Step 5, you will then be required to review the data to assure its accuracy

8. Approve and GO LIVE!

Click on the below image to follow this process in detail:

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